Translocations observed in strains after one HO cut

Position of translocation partnerTimes observedLocation in genome
Chromosome V-2912328a,aIntergenic between YER066W and YER067W
Chromosome V-4844261aIntergenic between YER156C and YER157W
Chromosome V-5030081aIntergenic between YER162C and YER163C
Chromosome IV-5216474aIntergenic between YDR034W-B and YDR035W
Chromosome IV-9095113aIntergenic between YDR221W and YDR222W
Chromosome IV-9601051aWithin YDR250C (hypothetical ORF)
Chromosome II-2588971aWithin YBRCΔ11 (Ty1 LTR)
Chromosome II-3415651aIntergenic between YBR053C and YBR054W
Chromosome II-5558021aIntergenic between YBR157C and YBR158W
Chromosome XI-743831aWithin YKLWΔ1 (Ty1 LTR)
Chromosome XI-1511004aIntergenic between YKL161C and YKL160W
Chromosome VII-790311aIntergenic between YGL224C and YGL223C
Chromosome IX-1354371aWithin YIL120W encoding MFS-MDR transporter
Chromosome X-1175141aWithin YJL161W (hypothetical ORF)
  • a Wild-type strain background.

  • b rad52 strain background.