Strains used in this study

Y763MATα ura3-52 lys2-801 ade2-101 trp11 his3200M. Snyder
W303aMATa ade2-1, can1-100, his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ura3[psi+] GAL1 ssd1-dM. Tyers
PAR5As Y763 whi2ΔHIS3This work
PAR5-pPR14As PAR5 containing pPR14This work
PAR6As Y763 fen2siw1 pPR14This work
KTv3As Y763 fen2Δ::URA3This work
KTd5As W303a fen2Δ::URA3This work
siw9As PAR5 mpksiw9 pPR14This work
siw14As PAR5 siw14 pPR14This work
KTv7As Y763 siw14Δ::URA3This work
KTd7As W303a siw14Δ::URA3This work
siw17As PAR5 prs3siw17This work
KTd11As W303a prs3Δ::URA3This work
siw5As PAR5 alg9siw5 pPR14This work
IM1As Y763 alg9Δ::URA3 pPR14This work
siw7As PAR5 zds1siw5 pPR14This work
IM2As W303a zds1Δ::URA3This work
Kad116As Y763 SLT2::3xHAThis work
siw12As PAR 5 thr4siw12This work
YAW17As W303a prk1ΔKanMXThis work
YAW18As W303a ark1ΔKanMXThis work
YAW24As Y763 thr4Δ::URA3This work
YAW25As W303a ypt52Δ::KanMXThis work
YAW26As W303a ypt51Δ::kanMXThis work
YAW27As W303a ypt53Δ::kanMXThis work
DEY2934cMATa slt2Δ::TRP1 ade2-1 his3-11 leu2-3 ura3-1 can1-100D. Evans
KAY302MATα trp1-1 leu2-3,112 lys2-801 his3200, ura3-52K. Ayscough
KAY378As KAY302 ark1Δ::HIS3 prk1Δ::URA3K. Ayscough
KAY0126As KAY302 abp1::LEU2K. Ayscough
KAY0254MATa ade2-101 his3Δ200 ura5-52 can1r pan1::HIS3 CEN URA3 pan1-3K. Ayscough
KAY300As KAY302 sla1Δ::LEU2K. Ayscough
KAY138As KAY302 sla2Δ::URA3K. Ayscough
BY472aMATα his3Δ leu2Δ lys2Δ ura3ΔResearch Genetics
  • a The following mutants were derived from BY472 by disruption with KanMX: akr1Δ, ark1Δ, arl1Δ, clc1Δ, dnm1Δ, end3Δ, ent1Δ, ent2Δ, gaa1Δ, pkh1Δ, prk1Δ, swa2Δ, rvs161Δ, rvs167Δ, tlg2Δ, van1Δ, vps4Δ, vps34Δ, vrpΔ1, ypk1Δ, ypk2Δ, and slt2Δ (Research Genetics).