Description of yeast strains

DMY1MATa ura3 ade2 lys1 his5 leu2 can1Mahoney and Broach (1989)
DMY26DMY1; HMLα EΔ 79-113 IΔ242Mahoney and Broach (1989)
YSH392DMY1; HMLα EΔ79-113::REP3 IΔ242
YSH393YSH392, [cir0]
YSH422YSH392; Δsir2::URA3
YSH417YSH392; Δsir3::LEU2
YSH418YSH392; Δsir4::URA3
DMY19DMY1; HMLα EA79-113::SUP4 IΔ242Mahoney and Broach (1989)
YSH406DMY19; [cir0]
YSH409hmrΔA::ADE2 ade2-1 can1-100 his3-11, 15 leu2-3, 112 trp1-1 ura3-1[cir0]
YSH426YSH409; leu2-3,112::LEU2-GAL10-REP1
YSH481YSH409; trp1::TRP1-GAL10-REP2
YSH425YSH409; leu2-3,112::LEU2-GAL10-REP1 trp1::TRP1-GAL10-REP2
YSH316HMLa MATα HMRa ade2 leu2 lys2 trp1-289 ura3-52Holmes et al. (1997)
YSH323YSH316; Δsir2::URA3Holmes et al. (1997)
YSH496YSH316; Δsir3::URA3
YSH312YSH316; Δsir4::URA3Holmes et al. (1997)
BY4741MATa his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0Brachmann et al. (1998)
YSH509YSH392; Δmlp1::URA3
YSH510YSH392; Δmlp2::URA3
YSH511YSH392; Δmlp1::URA3 Δmlp2:KAN
YSH561YSH392; Δmig1::URA3
YSH560YSH392; Δhst3::URA3
YSH558YSH392; Δyku70::URA3
YSH559YSH392; Δyku80::URA3
YSH572YSH392; Δesc1::URA3
YSH554YSH392; Δscc1::scc1-73-URA3
YSH555YSH392; Δscc1::scc1-73REV-URA3
YSH482BY4741; Δmlp1::KAN
YSH512BY4741; Δmlp2::URA3
YSH508BY4741; Δmlp1::KAN Δmlp2::URA3
YSH565BY4741; Δyku70::URA3
YSH566BY4741; Δyku80::URA3
YSH564BY4741; Δesc1::URA3
  • a Unless noted, strains were constructed during the course of this work.