Summary of expression pattern and rescue observed with different GAL4 strains

Rescue of lethality
GAL4Expression in L2L2P
neur Neuroblasts, CC, PG++++
arm Ubiquitous++++
elav CNS, PNS, CC, PG++ ±
DdC Dopamine and serotonin neurons, CC++ ±
pros Neuroblasts, neurons and glial cells, CC, PG+++
c929 Peptidergic neurons and CC ±
P0163 PNS, few neuroblasts, CA, PG
cha Cholinergic neurons

L2, second instars; P, pupae; CC, corpora cardiaca; PG, prothoracic gland; CNS, central nervous system; PNS, peripheral nervous system; CA, corpora allata; “++,” complete rescue; “+,” moderate rescue; “±” weak rescue; “–,” no rescue.