Estimates of nucleotide diversity in S. paradoxus wild isolates

Coding sequenceNoncoding sequence
GeneStrainsbpπa × 103πs × 103bpπ × 103
MFA1 9111023.314631.2
MF α 1 953406.941502.6
STE2 9129602.162141.8
STE3 914130.211.424502.5
AGA2 9264002211.8
SAG1 8195603.961583.4

Average pairwise diversity per nucleotide site at synonymous (πs) and nonsynonymous (πa) sites of coding regions and of adjacent noncoding sequence is shown. Noncoding regions considered are upstream of MFα1 and SAG1; downstream of MFA1, STE2, and STE3; and 91 bp upstream + 130 bp downstream of AGA2. The STE2 sequence does not include the first 200 bp.