Linkage groups of M. domestica: number of markers, support values for locus orders, and female/male comparisons

Linkage groupNo. of markersNo. of markers orderedNo. of intervalsaLog odds for orderMap length (cM)F/M ratioP valueb
Sex averageFemaleMale
LG 11614115.2113.451.2172.90.2962 × 10–7
LG 2c87414.856.418.9100.40.188<10–12
LG 31513112.6d139.6111.2194.90.571<10–11
LG 41312105.280.748.4105.50.4582 × 10–5
LG 56648.941.640.546.80.8650.29
LG 69876.070.656.582.90.6820.003
LG 77631.664.961.473.40.8370.19
LG 877613.965.855.0107.80.5100.41
(LG X)(3)N/A
Totale81 + (3)7356633.0443.1884.60.501
  • a Intervals with nonzero recombination in at least one sex.

  • b Likelihood ratio test of homogeneity of sex-specific recombination fractions across the individual linkage group (Ott 1999).

  • c Includes locus C7; assumed to cosegregate with locus C6 according to van Oorschot et al. (1993).

  • d Support increases to 3.6 if two loci (TP53 and MdoLR07) are removed.

  • e Autosomal linkage groups only.