Functional gene and functional gene-related polymorphisms in the GMBX mapping panel

Informative meioses
LocusProtein or gene namePolymorphismaAlleles in GMBX panelFemalesMalesCombined
ACP2 Acid phosphatase 2ProteinbA, Bc10445149
ACONC Aconitase CProteinA, B115198313
AK1 Adenylate kinase 1ProteindA, B154217371
ALDOC Aldolase CProteineA, B502979
AMG AmelogeninPCR/INDELA (450 bp), B (430 bp)47123170
AT3 Antithrombin 3ProteinfA, Bc16445209
C6 Complement component 6ProteingA, B, Dc234189423
DIA1 Diaphorase 1ProteinbA, B177102279
HBE β-Globin, embryonicSB/RFLP (PstI)A (13.5 kb), B (9.4 kb)61181242
GAPD Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenaseProteindA, B, Cc191210401
G6PD Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenasePCR/RFLP (PstI)A (2570 bp), B (2000/570 bp)107(X-linked)107
GPT Glutamate-pyruvate transaminaseProteindA, B, C190233423
ME1 Malic enzyme 1ProteinhA, B67146213
LDHB Lactate dehydrogenase BProteinhA, B51419
NRASLA Nras-like ASB/RFLP (HindIII)iA (11.5 kb), B (8.5 kb)153187340
NRASLB Nras-like BSB/RFLP (HindIII)jA (7.0 kb), B (4.5 kb)115198313
PI Protease inhibitorProteinkA, B, D, Fc90132222
PHL PhotolyaseSB/RFLP (TaqI)A (11.6 kb), B (8.1 kb)56101157
SP17 Sperm protein 17PCR/RFLP (HaeIII)A (1600 bp), B (1050/550 bp)260201461
TF TransferrinProteinhA, Bc115196311
TP53 Tumor protein 53PCR/RFLP (AluI)A (450 bp), B (300/150 bp)114197311
U15557 Unidentified sequence U15557SB/RFLP (HindIII)lA (7.2 kb), B (6.4 kb)115198313
  • a Unless otherwise indicated (by footnoted reference), polymorphisms were developed by this study. Allele nomenclature for previously described polymorphisms follows the original source. For polymorphisms developed by this study, nomenclature is as follows: for protein polymorphisms, letters indicate decreasing mobility classes on electrophoretic or isoelectric focusing gels, with A indicating most anodally migrating; for DNA polymorphisms, PCR/INDEL indicates insertion deletion polymorphism in PCR fragment, PCR/RFLP indicates restriction fragment length polymorphism in PCR fragment, and SB/RFLP indicates RFLP on Southern blot. DNA fragment sizes are approximate. Details given in text.

  • b van Oorschot et al. (1992a).

  • c Additional alleles known in other M. domestica stocks.

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