Comparison of sys, pop, and gon hermaphrodite and male defects

Embedded Image with both DTCs missinga♂ Glpb
GenotypeTemperature% no DTCn% Glpn
Wild type20°01080107
Wild type25°0563111
sys-1(q544)c 20°100401962
pop-1(q645)d 20°100>1005105
sys-3(q632) 20°121029343
gon-14(q686) 25°59992847
gon-15(q574) 25°26961724
gon-16(q568) 25°20124825
  • a Assayed with lag-2::GFP (qIs56 for pop-1, gon-15, and gon-16 and qIs57 for sys-3 and gon-14).

  • b Scored for lack of germ-line proliferation by DIC optics.

  • c Data for sys-1 hermaphrodite DTCs are from Miskowski et al. (2001).

  • d All pop-1 data are from Siegfried and Kimble (2002).