Summary of POP-1 in the early gonad

Construct nameReagent descriptionaExpression in Z1/Z4 daughtersDominant negative?bRescue?b
POP-1::GFP Embedded Image Embedded Image NDND
GFP::POP(Δ1-5) Embedded Image Embedded Image +++
GFP::POP(FL) Embedded Image Embedded Image ++
  • a Schematics are drawn to scale, solid boxes are exons; POP-1::GFP carries the pop-1 5′ flanking region and the first two introns; the other two use a promoter that expresses GFP in most cells in the animal at the same apparent level.

  • b Rescue of pop-1(q624) mutant. See text and materials and methods for additional details. ND, not determined.