Protoplasts recovered from the heterocaryotic strain Δrmp1 mat– leu1+/rmpl-2 mat+ leu1-1

Protoplasts recovered
Regeneration mediumaGenotypesbNo.c
M1 + leu mat+/mat– 3 (8)
leu1-1 mat+ 34 (92)
M1 mat+/mat– 54 (89)
leu1-1 mat+ 5 (8)
Unknownd2 (3)

Numbers in parentheses are percentages.

  • a M1 is the minimal medium used for protoplast regeneration. M1 + leu is supplemented with leucine (100 μg/ml).

  • b Only the relevant genetic markers are shown. Note that Δrmp1 is present in the mat– nucleus.

  • c The number of protoplasts capable of regeneration is much higher on M1 + leu than on M1. Few were tested from M1 + leu. See materials and methods for more details.

  • d Degenerative thalli, which did not grow beyond the M1 plates.