Fertility of homozygous snw females from stocks with and without the Sexi.4 genetic background

StockNo. females testedaNo. sterileProportion sterileNo. progeny per fertile female
snw 6920.034315329.710.7
TP5 snw 4340.094365634.013.9
TP6 snw 3800.0015415341.18.0
snw; Sexi.428281.00
TP5 snw; Sexi.45240.08220.54321.410.6
TP6 snw; Sexi.44490.211163516.411.4
  • a Females were collected from stock cultures, incubated with males for 2–3 days, and then assayed for fertility.

  • b Unweighted mean.

  • c Standard deviation.