Reciprocal-cross analysis of the sn50e bristle phenotype in males

MaleaFemalebSinged phenotype of sons
sn50e MExtreme
TP5 sn50e MExtreme
TP6 sn50e MExtreme
sn50e PModerate
TP5 sn50e PModerate
TP6 sn50e PModerate
M sn50e Extreme
M TP5 sn50e Extreme
M TP6 sn50e Extreme
P sn50e Moderate
P TP5 sn50e Moderate
P TP6 sn50e Moderate

Crosses were incubated at 21°; only sons were scored for their bristle phenotype.

  • a M males were from a w snw strain; P males were from a snw2) strain.

  • b Both M and P females carried the C(1)DX, y f compound X chromosome. P females had the genetic background of the π2 P strain.