Repression of transposase activity by paternally inherited P chromosomes

Experimental groupaΔ2-3 presentbP chromosomes presentcMosaic malesdNonmosaic malesdTotal malesNo. males testedesnwsn+sneTotalMutation ratef
I′+040403782214410910750.236 ± 0.015
I++11201214887213612111290.229 ± 0.016
II+584624867953824814650.539 ± 0.024
  • a See text for details. Initial crosses were at 21°; testcrosses were at 25°.

  • b P(ry+, Δ2-3)99B maternally inherited.

  • c P chromosomes paternally inherited.

  • d Males were classified as mosaic (showing at least two of the three bristle phenotypes) or nonmosaic (showing only snw bristles).

  • e Males tested for germ-line mutability of snw were crossed to C(1)DX, y f2) females and their sons were scored as snw, sn+, or sne.

  • f Unweighted average mutation rate ±SE.