Core sets of inbred lines

Sample sizeAlleles obtainedInbreds
10579A632, B37, B73, C103, Mo17, Oh43, CML5, CML52, CML91, Tzi18
20943A632, B37, B73, C103, Mo17, Oh43, B96, CML14, CML52, CML91, CML228, CML277, CML281, CML322, Il14H, M37W, Mo18W, Oh7B, Tx601, Tzi8
301179A632, B37, B73, C103, Mo17, Oh43, A272, A441-5, B96, CML5, CML14, CML61, CML77, CML91, CML220, CML228, CML277, CML281, CML311, CML322, CO159, CO255, Il101t, Ky21, M37W, Mo18W, Oh7B, Tx303, Tx601, Tzi8
501481A632, B37, B73, C103, Mo17, Oh43, A272, A441-5, B57, B96, CI.7, CML5, CML14, CML61, CML69, CML77, CML91, CML220, CML228, CML247, CML254, CML261, CML277, CML281, CML311, CML321, CML322, CML328, CML349, CO159, F2, Hi27, I137TN, IDS28, Il14H, K55, Ky21, M37W, Mo18W, NC304, NC348, NC364, Oh7B, Os420, P39, Tx303, Tzi8, Tzi9, Va85, W401

The first six lines (A632, B37, B73, C103, Mo17, and Oh43) were included by default because of their agronomic importance. A654, B2, CM37, CMV3, CO109, I205, Q6199, and R109B were excluded because of poor agronomic performance in our fields in both Raleigh and Florida.