List of the 260 lines by their model-based groupings

NSSHy:T8:Wf9CI21E, H49, Hy, Mo1W, Pa875, Pa880, T8, Va17, Va14, Va22, Va35, Va102, W64A, Wf9
M14:Oh43A619, Gn2, H95, M14, Oh40B, Oh43, Oh43E, PA762, Va26, Va85
CO109:Mo17A556, A682, CI.187-2, CO109, CO220, K187, Mo17, MS1334, ND246, W401
C103B57, C103, C123, DE2, L317, L1546, NC258, NC262
Ga:SC4226, F44, Ga209, GT112, SC357, SC213R, SC213
NSS-X38-11, A239, A659, AR4, CM7, CM37, R168, Mo44, MS71, NC260, PA884P, R4, R177, W22
K64W33-16, CI.31A, CI.64, CI.66, CI.7, E2558W, Ky21, K55, K64, M162W
NSS-mixedA554, A654, B2, B52, B70, B77, B97, B103, CO106, CO125, F6, Fe2, H99, Mt42, N6, Os420, Pa91, R109B, SD44, T234, W153R
SSB14AA214N, A632, A634, A635, A665, B14A, B64, B68, CM105, CM174, H91
B37B37, B76, H84, NC250
N28N28, N28Ht
B73A679, A680, B73, B84, B104, B109, NC328, NC372, R229
SS-mixedA641, De811, H100, N192, N196, NC294, NC368
TSTZIA6, CML52, CML238, CML287, NC358, Q6199, Tzi8, Tzi9, Tzi10, Tzi18
SuwanB96, CML69, CML228, CML349, Ki3, Ki9, Ki11, Ki14, Ki44, Ki2007
CML-lateCML5, CML9, CML61, CML103, CML220, CML254, CML258, CML261, CML264, CML314, Tx601
CML-earlyCML14, CML247, CML311, CML321, CML322, CML331, CML332
NCNC296, NC298, NC304, NC336, NC338, NC348, NC350, NC352, NC354
CML-PCML10, CML11, CML45, CML277, CML281, CML333, CML341
TS-mixedCML38, CML108, NC300, NC356
Sweet cornIa2132, Il14H, Il101t, Il677a, P39
PopcornHP301, I29, IDS28, IDS69, SA24, Sg18, Sg1533
MixedA188, A272, A441-5, A656, B79, B94, B105, B164, C49A, CML77, CML91, CML92, CML218, CML323, CML328, CMV3, CO159, CO255, D940Y, DE3, EP1, F2, F2834T, F7, Hi27, I137TN, I205, IDT, Ki43, Ky226, Ky228, L578, Le23, Le773, M37W, Mo18W, Mo24W, Mp339, MS153, N7A, NC264, NC320, NC360, NC362, NC364, NC366, NC370, Oh7B, Oh603, SC55, SD40, SD46, T232, TEA, Tx303, Tzi11, Tzi16, Tzi25, U267Y, Va99, W117, W117Ht, W182B

The 260 lines in our study are listed with the groups and subgroups from the STRUCTURE analysis. Lines in the mixed group show <80% membership for any group. Seven popcorn lines and five sweet corn lines were assigned into predefined popcorn and sweet corn groups. Within TS, SS, and NSS groups, lines are organized into several distinct subgroups and one mixed subgroup on the basis of analyses with the program STRUCTURE.

  • a The subgroups are named after a defining inbred line(s), principal source (e.g., NC for North Carolina), maturity (early vs. late), or mixed for lines that showed <80% membership for any subgroup.