Mobilization of SUPor-P from heterochromatic positions

Starting insertionHopsVariegating insertionsChromosome locationd
LineLocationSchemeNo. of fliesaNo.%bNo.%cAutosomes X^YCyOeYe
B783.2Y h17-1874,995130.2675424NA4
K13.1Y h11-13710,295710.692231173NA3
B840.1Y h1076,246410.661639410NA0
J632.2Y h10-1375,92870.1122911NA1
B296Y h1673,740150.4064031NA1
C151Y h375,945250.42114445NA13
Total 86,424 283 0.33 92 33 52 24 NA 23
IIIA2 het916,232830.512024170145
IIIB2 het940,7641080.2730281818611
Total 143,420 474 0.33 142 30 87 18 100 39
  • a Total number of males (schemes 7 and 8) and Cy+ flies (scheme 9) screened (see materials and methods) .

  • b Percentage of flies that contained new identifiable insertions.

  • c Percentage of all hops that variegated.

  • d Chromosome location for some new insertions could not be determined because selected variegating flies were sterile.

  • e For the cases where the starting insertion was on the Y (schemes 7 and 8) or on the CyO chromosome (scheme 9), these new Y and CyO insertions were selected due to changes in the level of variegation.