Gamma-ray-induced suppressors of Dp(Sxl+)/Y; Dp(sc+)/+ male lethality

Round ARound BTotal
F1 y males recovered90,00069,000159,000
F1 y+ males recovered (% fertile)1431 (38%)263 (ND)
Lines with suppression ≥30%191433
Suppressors in X-linked genes:
        Sxl 12517
        ASC 7
        On X with bristle phenotype21
        On X without bristle phenotype02
        In Dp(1;2)ASC (spontaneous)11
        os 415
Suppressors in autosomal genes(0)a44

The screen is illustrated in Figure 1. An additional 33,000 EMS-mutagenized genomes yielded no suppressors, while an additional 115,000 DEB-mutagenized genomes generated 5 Sxl and 3 ASC mutations [one gross X-linked change, one gross and one specific (scT2) change in Dp(ASC)], and one autosomal duplication.

  • a Chromosome II was not screened in round A.