Intra- and interspecific variations of the human ASPM gene

No. of human chromosomes sequenced282828
No. of sites sequenced1043129727459
Nucleotide diversity per site π0.000530.001030.00033
Watterson's θW per site0.000810.001120.00069
Fay and Wu's θH per site0.000770.000590.00080
Tajima's D–1.29–0.29–1.84a
Fu and Li's F–1.76–0.37–2.40a
Fay and Wu's H–2.081.30–3.38
No. of rare polymorphsims (<10%b)20515c
No. of common polymorphsims (>10%b)1385
No. of fixed substitutions in the human branch22616c
  • a Five percent significant in comparison to the Wright-Fisher model of neutrality.

  • b Use of a cutoff frequency of 5–15% gives similar results, although the significance level may change. See Li (1997) and Nei and Kumar (2000) for definitions of π and θW.

  • c Five percent significant in comparison with common polymorphisms.