Measures of mtDNA and per polymorphism

MwanzaDar es SalaamMalindiNairobi
N 11/NA/1110/10/2010/10/2011/17/28
π 0/NA/0.03990.0060/0/0.04340.0079/0/0.03570.0061/0/0.0138
θ 0/NA/0.04690.0060/0/0.05880.0090/0/0.03860.0058/0/0.0211
Tajima's DNA/NA/–0.7078–0.0191/NA/–1.0922–0.6707/NA/–0.25430.1874/NA/–1.3241
Fu's FsNA/NA/–0.21100.7130/NA/–3.6100–2.0500/NA/–1.1580.9320/NA/–6.3680

Estimates of π (Nei and Li 1979) and θ (Watterson 1975) are per silent/synonymous site. The numbers in each cell refer to estimates from siII/siIII/per. Using coalescent simulations, Tajima's D was significantly negative for per sampled from Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, and Nairobi (indicated by underlining), and all Fu's F's were significantly negative for per at the 2% level, which corresponds to a 5% rejection rate (Fu 1997). NA, not applicable (the mtDNA haplogroup either does not occur at that locality or contains no polymorphism).