Cytotype distribution and abundance in the five East African populations

LocalitywRi w wMa w
Victoria Falls48 (3a)
Mwanza28 (11)
Dar es Salaam1 (1)19 (9)25 (10)
Malindi1 (1)35 (9)24 (10)
Nairobi127 (11)14 (9)10 (8)

Individuals collected from each locality carried siII or siIII mtDNA and were infected with the wRi or wMa strains of Wolbachia or were uninfected (w). Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of lines from which 1776 bp of mtDNA and 1029 bp of per were sequenced for further investigations.

  • a Only mtDNA (not per) sequenced (see text).

  • b Lines collected in 1994 (Hutter et al. 1998).