Interaction of egl-30(gf) mutations with egl-1 mutations and with mutations in tph-1

A. GenotypeHSN?2c–4c5c-gastr.Comma2-foldPretzelHatchedN
egl-30(md186sy676) +5248199
egl-30(tg26) +91938
egl-1 63662561
egl-30(md186sy676); egl-1 18125481760
egl-30(tg26); egl-1 861449
B. Genotype2–4C5c-gastr.Comma2-foldPretzelN
egl-30(sy676) 5248199
tph-1; him-5 572616135
egl-30(md186sy676); tph-1; him-5 63732759

egl-1 mutations result in genetic ablation of the HSN motor neuron, the primary serotonergic motor neuron that regulates egg laying. tph-1 mutations eliminate detectable levels of serotonin. 2c–4c, two- to four-cell stage. Egg-laying assays were performed as described in materials and methods. 5c-gastr., five-cell stage embryo to gastrulating embryo. (A) Genetic ablation of the HSN motor neurons suppressed constitutive egg laying of egl-30(gf) mutations; egl-30(gf) mutations partially suppressed the Egl-D phenotype exhibited by egl-1 mutants. (B) tph-1 was epistatic to egl-30(sy676) with respect to egg-laying behavior.