Genetic interactions with respect to egg laying of egl-30 mutations with mutations in genes that encode candidate downstream-signaling molecules

Stages at which eggs were laid
Behavior1ā€“4c (%)5c-gastr. (%)Comma (%)2-fold (%)Pretzel (%)Hatched (%)N
syls36 Egl-C881212
egl-30(md186sy676) Egl-C4258224
egl-30(md186sy676); egl-8(sa47) Egl-C247671
egl-30(md186sy676); egl-8(n488) Egl-C366452
egl-30(md186sy676); egl-8(md1971) Egl-C376371
egl-30(md186sy676); tpa-1(k501) Egl-C594163
egl-30(md186sy676); itr-1(sa73) Egl-C257591
egl-30(md186sy676); unc-13(e51) Egl-D9322361
egl-30(tg26) Egl-C91951
egl-30(tg26); egl-8(sa47) Egl-C782278
egl-30(tg26); egl-8(n488) Egl-C792147
egl-30(md186sy679) Egl-D711521293
egl-30(md186sy679); egl-8(sa47) Egl-D332923645
egl-30(md186sy679); unc-13(e51) Egl-D3611739761
egl-30(md186) Egl-D154846100
egl-30(md186); egl-8(sa47) Egl-D33136332
egl-30(md186); unc-13(e51) Egl-D50193274119
egl-8(sa47) Egl-D621618445
egl-8(n488) Egl-D8211451647
egl-8(md1971) WT10040
tpa-1(k501) WT10055
itr-1(sa73) WT10086
unc-13(e51) Egl-D292148258

Assays were performed on 1-day-old adults after transferring 10 worms to fresh plates. Trials were performed on at least two separate days. The differences between the percentage of eggs laid at the one- to four-cell (1cā€“ stage between egl-30(md186sy676) single and double mutants with egl-8, tpa-1, and itr-1 mutations were not significant on the basis of the Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric ANOVA test (two-tailed P value > 0.2). The differences were also not significant between the egl-30(tg26) single and double mutants (two-tailed P value < 0.2). unc-13 mutations suppressed hyperactive egg laying conferred by egl-30(md186sy676) mutations, but egl-30(676) mutations partially suppressed the Egl-D phenotype conferred by unc-13 mutations. WT, wild type. 5c-gastr., five cell to gastrulation.