egl-30(md186) mutants exhibited defective egg-laying and pharyngeal-pumping phenotypes

Stages at which eggs were laid
5c-gastr. (%)Comma (%)2-fold (%)Pretzel (%)Hatched (%)N
egl-30(md186) 154846100
egl-30(md186)/ +7999343
egl-30(md186); syls105 10037
Pharyngeal pumps minNSD
egl-30(md186) 174.7512.3
egl-30(md186)/ +223.859.4
egl-30(md186); syls105 217.758.4

egl-30(md186) is a reduction-of-function mutation and exhibits haplo-insufficiency, like other egl-30 reduction-of-function alleles previously described (Brundage et al. 1996). GFP-tagged EGL-30 rescued egl-30(md186) with respect to egg-laying and pharyngeal-pumping defects. The integrated transgene, syls105, was used to analyze the expression pattern of egl-30. SD, standard deviation for the number of pumps per minute. 5c-gastr., from five-cell stage embryo to gastrulation; 2-fold, twofold stage embryo.