Plasmid copy number

StrainMICaRelative DNA contentb
CD104 (b0p0)3001
CD111 (b1p1)2500.71
CD112 (b1p1)4000.75
CD113 (b1p1)3000.66
CD105 (b0p0)40001
CD114 (b1p1)40000.88
CD115 (b1p1)40000.96
CD116 (b1p1)70001.63
  • a MIC, minimal inhibitory concentration in micrograms per milliliter of ampicillin, based on three independent measurements.

  • b Relative change in plasmid DNA content compared to respective ancestral plasmid as determined by agarose gel electrophoresis and density measurements of relative band intensities. Average of two independent experiments is shown.