Escherichia coli strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidDesignationaRelevant characteristicsbReference or sourcec
    J53-1(b0)K12 F pro,met, NalRNCTC
    CD100As J53-1 but resistant to phage T5This study
    CD104(b0p0)As J53-1 but carrying plasmid R1This study
    CD105(b0p0)As J53-1 but carrying plasmid RP4This study
    CD111–113(b1p1)Derivatives of CD104 randomly isolated from populations 1–3, respectively, after 166 days of serial transferThis study
    CD114–116(b1p1)As CD111–113 but derivatives of CD105 isolated from populations 4–6, respectivelyThis study
    CD117(b1*)As CD111–113 but derivative of J53-1 isolated from population 7This study
    CD120–124(b1)Plasmid-free derivatives of CD111–116This study
    CD125–127(b1p0)CD120–122 carrying plasmid R1This study
    CD128–129(b1p0)CD123–124 carrying plasmid RP4This study
    CD130–135(b0p1)J53-1 carrying the plasmids from respectively CD111–116This study
    CD139As CD112 but isolated on basis of its resistance pattern, (NalR)This study
    CD142–143As CD113 but isolated on basis of their resistance patterns, (NalR) and (NalR,KmR)This study
    CD148–149(b1*p0)CD117 carrying plasmid R1 or RP4This study
    R1~100 kb, IncF11, CmR,KmR, ApR, SmR/SuRNCTC
    RP460 kb, IncP, KmR, ApR, TcRNCTC
    pFF1ts97RP4 replicon, CmR,ApRFang and Helinski (1991); Valla et al. (1991)
    pKG339pSC101 replicon, copA,TcRJensen et al. (1995)
  • a In strain designations b refers to the host and p to the plasmid (see Figure 1 legend for details).

  • b Nal, nalidixic acid; Cm, chloramphenicol; Km, kanamycin; Ap, ampicillin; Sm, streptomycin; Tc, tetracycline.

  • c NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures, London.