Traits measured in growth initiation, growth cessation, and field experiments

Growth initiation experiment
tbfGITerminal bud flush (days from greenhouse entry to flush)
Growth cessation experiment
tbfGCTerminal bud flush (Julian date)
tbsTerminal bud set (Julian date)
dffDuration of first flush (no. of days)
ht1Incremental height of first flush (mm)
lbfLammas (second) flush (Julian date)
plfProportion of trees that had lammas flush (%)
ebfElapsed time between first and second flush (days)
dcgDate of 90% complete growth (Julian date)
ht2Incremental height of second flush (mm)
httTotal incremental height (mm)
dseDuration of shoot extension (days)
seiShoot extension intensity (mm/day)
Field experiment
tbfFLTerminal bud flush at test site in Longview, Washington
tbfFSTerminal bud flush at test site in Springfield, Oregon