Complementation analysis of org with alleles at the sesB locus

GenotypeSurvival (%)Phenotype
Class 1
    org/Df 9542Lethal when grown at 25°, escapers paralyze at 35°, development is slow, and flightless
    org/P(3) org2
Class 2
    org/org100100% paralysis at 37°
Class 3
    org/sesB9Ed256Paralysis at 40°-41°
    org/Y;P(genomic)100The org paralysis defect is rescued
  • The number of flies emerged in each case has been normalized as percentage with respect to expected numbers. Note that P2251 had an unlinked lethality, which was removed by recombination with a wild-type chromosome. The line obtained after recombination is referred to as P(3)org. This line fails to complement org and the lethality in this line is rescued by the transgene P(genomic).