Comparison of SC length from spreads, number of crossovers (based on RNs or MLH1 foci), and number of bivalent arms for male meiotic cells from mouse, humans, tomato, and maize

SpeciesGenome size (1C pg)Average SC set length (μm)Average no. crossovers per setNo. of SCsNo. of SC armsReferences
Mouse3.3148–17021.5–24.91919Gregory (2001); Froenicke et al. (2002); Koehler et al. (2002)
Human3.529049.12244Gregory (2001); Lynn et al. (2002)
Chicken1.2520365.03841Rahn and Solari (1986); Gregory (2001); Pigozzi (2001)
Tomato1.0322921.91223aSherman and Stack (1995); Bennett et al. (2000)
Maize2.7333120.51020Bennett et al. (2000); this work
Lily35.23149551214Anderson et al. (1985); Stack et al. (1989); Bennett et al. (2000)
  • a The short arm of chromosome 2 is totally heterochromatic so this arm is excluded here.