Nucleotide sequence homology of α-zein genes

Gene% identity to azs22.8cLength of uninterrupted identity to azs22.8 (bp)
Azs22.4a 94.188
Azs22.8a 100801
Azs22.10a 94.667
Azs22.14a 93.666
Azs22.16 (Fl2)a89.944
Zp22/6a 94.0104
Zp22/D87a 95.7109
Z1A subfamilyb42.1–49.0
Z1B subfamilyb32.3–44.5<15
Z1C subfamilyb38.0–47.6
  • a Expressed 22-kD zein genes from inbred line BSSS53 (Song et al. 2001).

  • b 19-kD zein gene subfamilies from inbred line B73 (Song and Messing 2002).

  • c 22-kD zein cDNA used for transgenic constructs.