QTL for photoperiod sensitivity in Cvi ×0 Ler RI lines

TraitQTL map position: chromosome-cM (2 LOD support limit)EffectaOverlap with QTL for traitb
Bolting time (days)I-7.01 (3.51–9.71)1.120 Y
V-10.81 (0.01–20.20)–0.473 Y
V-32.31 (20.70–42.15)– 0.463 Y
Length of reproductive phase of main axis (days)I-7.71 (3.01–10.21)0.299 Y
II-38.14 (36.86–41.20)–0.159N
V-16.90 (14.52–23.17)–0.226 Y
V-40.16 (31.81–45.49)–0.192 Y
Time to maturity of main axis (days)I-7.71 (4.01–9.71)0.498 Y
II-37.14 (30.18–42.70)–0.178N
III-32.32 (25.46–41.60)0.143N
V-21.17 (15.02–24.56)–0.262 Y
V-40.16 (31.54–42.15)–0.251 Y
V-97.65 (92.00–109.40)0.166M
Rosette leaves at boltingI-6.01 (3.01–9.21)0.658 Y
V-15.40 (11.31–19.90)–0.274 Y
V-41.66 (31.81–49.33)–0.234 Y
V-99.65 (89.16–109.40)0.169Y
Rosette diameter (cm)I-76.02 (67.73–88.01)0.225N
Plant height (cm)I-5.51 (0.01–11.94)0.594 Y
I-83.80 (70.82–90.67)0.456 Y
V-16.40 (8.81–22.67)–0.492 Y
Main inflorescence fruitsI-5.51 (0.01–13.44)0.325 Y
I-81.80 (72.32–90.01)0.268 Y
V-34.31 (26.54–42.15)–0.253 Y
Axillary fruitsI-9.71 (0.51–18.00)0.123 Y
III-65.25 (56.46–74.97)0.133M
Nonelongated secondary meristemsIII-52.45 (50.95–58.66)0.235 Y
V-44.15 (34.81–50.83)–0.244 Y
V-96.15 (87.16–109.40)0.163Y
Elongated axilsI-5.51 (2.01–9.21)0.354 Y
III-46.45 (42.15–51.45)0.123N
V-102.32 (90.16–108.95)0.115 Y
Secondary inflorescence meristems on main axisI-5.01 (2.01–7.51)0.702 Y
Early flowersIV-55.25 (49.12–60.65)0.228 Y
Total fruitsI-6.51 (1.01–14.40)0.173 Y
III-62.64 (50.95–75.46)0.106N
  • a The additive effect is defined as (Q1Q1Q2Q2) where Q1Q1 and Q2Q2 represent the mean environmental sensitivity of RI lines homozygous for alternative genotypes at a QTL position. The sign of the additive effect corresponds to the direction of effect of alleles of the Landsberg erecta ecotype.

  • b Whether sensitivity QTL overlap in position with QTL detected by multiple-trait CIM: Y, yes; N, no; M, QTL detected by multiple-trait CIM is marginally significant (P < 0.10). Underline indicates that QTL exhibit QTL × environment interaction.