tim18Δ suppressors increase the growth rate of ρ0 cells

PlasmidFold increase in growth rate
2μ-PBP11.70 ± 0.37
2μ-TIP411.68 ± 0.35
2μ-ICY11.67 ± 0.32
2μ-CCT61.58 ± 0.31
2μ-SSB11.48 ± 0.26
2μ-TIM181.29 ± 0.28

ρ0 strain RJ1582 was transformed with 2μ-URA3 plasmids carrying CCT6, SSB1, PBP1, ICY1, TIP41, TIM18, or the empty vector pRS426 (Sikorski and Hieter 1989). The growth rate of log-phase cultures was determined by measuring the OD600 at different timepoints. Three independent experiments were performed for each strain, with the average increase in growth rate and one standard deviation from the mean shown.