Loblolly pine mapping populations and phenotypic traits for QTL analyses of physical and chemical wood properties

GrandparentsG1 × G2 G3 × G4G1 × G2 G3 × G4G5 × G6 G7 × G8
ParentsP1 × P2P1 × P2P5 × P6
Trait and rings analyzed
    Wood-specific gravity (ewsg, lwsg)aRings 2-11Rings 4-6Rings 4-6
    Percentage of late wood (%lw)Rings 2-11Rings 4-6Rings 4-6
    Microfibril angle (emfa, lmfa)Rings 3, 5, 7Ring 6Ring 6
    Cell wall chemistry (ecwc, lcwc)bRing 5Ring 6Not assayed
  • a wsg is a measure of the total amount of cell wall substance and within an annual ring has three main determinants: wsg of earlywood (xylem cells having thin walls and large lumens: ewsg), wsg of latewood (xylem cells with thicker walls and smaller lumens: lwsg), and the percentage of latewood (%lw).

  • b Mass peaks collected from the pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectrophotometer were associated with the amounts of α-cellulose, galactan, mannan, xylan, and lignin, collectively termed cwc traits.