Lethal-phase analysis of synaptic transmission mutants

Complementation groupAlleleHemizygous lethal phasea,bHomozygous ethal phaseb
1 sd8 FirstSecond
sd13 Viable adultsPharate adults
sd14 FirstSecond
sd17 First/secondSecond
sd24 Viable adultsViable adults
sd31 Viable adultsFirst
2 sd12 EmbryoEmbryo
sd16 Embryo/firstEmbryo
sd20 EmbryoEmbryo
sd29 EmbryoEmbryo
3 sd10 Pharate adultsPharate adults
sd23 PupaeFirst
sd26 PupaeFirst
sd32 PupaeThird
5 sd4 SecondSecond/third
sd6 SecondSecond
sd18 SecondThird instar
7 sd22 Embryo/firstEmbryo/first
sd27 EmbryoEmbryo
8 sd7 NAFirst
sd25 NAEmbryo
9 sd28 NASecond-third
10 sd30 PupaePupae/adult (rare escapers)
11 sd19 NAFirst-second
12 sd3 FirstPupae/adult (rare escapers)
13 sd5 Third/pupaeThird/pupae
14 sd9 NAFirst

NA, not applicable.

  • a Lethal phase in trans to a noncomplementing deficiency.

  • b First, second, and third indicate first, second, and third instar larval lethal phases, respectively.