Complementation analysis

Complementation groupsMutationsViable as trans-heterozygote?
1 sd8, sd13, sd14, sd17, sd24, sd31 Noa
2 sd12, sd16, sd20, sd29 No
3 sd10, sd23, sd26, sd32 No
4 sd1, sd11, sd21 Yes
5sd4, sd6, sd18No
6 sd2, sd15 Yes
7 sd22, sd27 No
8 sd7, sd25 No
9 sd28 NA
10 sd30 NAb
11 sd19 NA
12 sd3 NAb,c
13 sd5 NAc
14 sd9 NA

NA, not applicable.

  • a Three allele combinations in this complementation group are lethal as trans-heterozygotes, specifically, sd8/sd17, sd14/sd17, and sd17/sd24. All other combinations produce viable trans-heterozygotes that are blind and exhibit ON/OFF transient defects, except mutant sd31, which exhibits an ON/OFF transient phenotype only in trans to sd17.

  • b Rare homozygous adult escapers that lack ON and OFF transients are observed.

  • c These mutations are lethal in combination with deficiencies that map to the same region.