Glossary of main symbols used

biMutational bias at locus i
Weighted average of mutational biases over all loci
D(β)The nonmonotonic function characterizing the
    mean phenotypic value
ε,VeEnvironmental effect and its variance
fiDistribution of mutant allelic effects at locus i
ϕi(xi)Distribution of allelic effects of maternal origin in
    offspring at locus i
γMutational regression parameter
G, G¯Genotypic value and its mean equilibrium value
LGenetic load
miStandard deviation of mutant allelic effects at
    locus i
μiAllelic mutation rate at locus i
nNumber of loci affecting the trait
sStrength of selection on genotypic values
xiAllelic effect of maternal origin at locus i
iMean allelic effect of maternal origin in offspring
    at locus i
x, Φ(x)Vector of n allelic effects in gametes and its
    equilibrium distribution
UExpected number of new mutations, per individual,
    per generation
VGVariance in genotypic values (genetic variance)
w(G)Proportional to the viability of offspring with
    genotypic value G
z, z¯Phenotypic value and its mean equilibrium value
    in offspring
zoptOptimal phenotypic value