Spore viability of the rad24 mutant containing plasmids with various genes involved in recombination in meiosis and mitosis

Overall spore
viabilitya (%)
Viable spores per ascusb
Plasmid43210P value
RAD24c86.5*1893616415P < 0.001
RAD5140.5*4831464491P < 0.001
RAD5440.8*5122603493P < 0.001
  • * Values were significantly different from that for the vector control; in all of these cases P < 0.001.

  • a The rad24 haploid (MSY966) with various plasmids was mated with MSY968 for 6 hr and then transferred onto a sporulation plate. After a 48-hr incubation, 260 asci were dissected, and spore viability and distribution of tetrad types were measured. For viability comparisons, raw data of each transformant were compared to those for the vector plasmid control alone to obtain P values (chi-square test).

  • b The numbers of asci with 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 viable spores are shown. Total 260 asci were dissected. The distribution of the number of each class in the transformant was compared to that in the strain with the vector alone to obtain P values (Mann-Whitney’s U-test).

  • c A low copy number of RAD24.