Double-staining analysis of Rad51 and Dmc1 foci in the DNA damage checkpoint mutants

Focus analysis: No. of foci per
nucleus at 3 hrb
Stage analysis
% of RD
Time of entryc (hr)Life spand (hr)
StrainsaRD co-fociR fociD fociR+ stageD+ stageR+ stageD+ stage
Wild type67101176 (10)
rad2443221752 (8)
  • a The wild type, rad17, and rad24 mutants were NKY1551, MSY587, and MSY717, respectively.

  • b For each strain, at least 100 nuclei unselected meiotic nuclei at 3 hr were counted. In the case of wild type and the rad24 mutant, three independent experiments were carried out and the averages are shown. Standard deviation is indicated in parentheses. RD co-foci, Rad51-Dmc1 co-foci; R foci, Rad51-only foci; D foci, Dmc1-only foci.

  • c Time of entry at which 50% of nuclei had entered the focus-positive stage was determined from the cumulative curves in Figure 3C. R+ stage, Rad51 focus-positive stage; D+stage, Dmc1 focus-positive stage.

  • d Life spans of focus-positive stages are determined from the noncumulative curves in Figure 3B.