Sporulation and spore viability in mus81 diploids overexpressing rusA

Strain/plasmidDiploid genotype% sporulation% spore viability (no. asci)
NH371/pRS315 mus81 Δ 12.8ND
NH371/pCL3mus81Δ/MUS8145.588.9 (52)
NH371/pNH246wtmus81Δ/2μ MEK1p-NLS-rusA-HA17.649.2 (92)
NH371/pNH246mus81Δ/2μ MEK1p-NLS-rusA-D70N-HA11.343.7 (20)
NH371::pRS306 mus81 Δ ND47.1 (104)
NH371::pDT6 mus81 Δ ::MUS81 ND99.3 (104)
NH371::pKR6980 mus81 Δ ::SGS1p-NLSrusA ND44.7 (104)

Transformants were patched onto selective medium and replica plated to sporulation plates at 30° for 2 days. Sporulation was assessed by counting at least 200 cells for the formation of mature asci using phase contrast microscopy. ND, not determined.