Recombination in mus81 and mms4 SK1 diploids

Map distance (cM): MAT-HIS4% gene conversion
NH144aWT40.2 (540)6.2 (577)4.7 (470)2.8 (577)
NH371 mus81 Δ 25.6b (88)17.8b (118)6.8 (118)5.9 (118)
NH274a mms4 Δ 30.6 (103)12.3b (122)5.8 (69)6.8b (118)

Only four-viable-spore tetrads were analyzed. For HIS4 and ARG4, gene conversions were scored as tetrads exhibiting 3+:1 or 3:1+ segregation for the marker. For LEU2, the presence of a Leu+ spore indicated gene conversion. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of tetrads assayed.

  • a The data for NH144 and NH274 are taken from de los Santos et al. (2001).

  • b This value is statistically significantly different from wild type (P < 0.05). Statistical analyses were performed using programs at the following websites: map distance,; gene conversion, http://faculty.Vassar.