TcMSH2 haplogroups confirmed by RFLP analysis

StrainsTcMSH2 haplogroupLineage
Col185, ColRS, D7, RBI, X10, ColombianaAT. cruzi I
115,a167, 226,a 231,a Tula Cl2, Cl-BrenerB?
84, 115a, 167, 209, 239, 461, 578, 580, Be62, CPI1194, GLT564, 1014, 200pm, Bas, GMS, Goch, JDS, MCS, MPD, JG, 237, 581CT. cruzi II

The strains underlined have allelic sequence divergence for TcMSH2 confirmed by sequencing analyses.

  • a Strains rDNA 1/2 do not belong to any T. cruzi lineage.