T. cruzi strains used in the TcMSH2 SNPs characterization

StrainsrDNA groupZymodemeLineage
RBI, X10, Colombiana, Col185, ColRS, D72Z1T. cruzi I
84, 209, 237, 239, 461, 578, 580, 581, 1014, 200pm, Bas, Be62, CPI1194, GLT564, GMS, JG, Goch, JDS, MCS, Tula Cl2,a MPD, Cl-Brener,a 1671Z2T. cruzi II
115, 226, 2311/2Z2 b

Typing of rDNA and zymodeme according to Souto et al. (1996) and Miles et al. (1978), respectively; classification as lineages I and II were performed as described in Momen (1999).

  • a These two strains belong to isoenzyme type 43 according to Tibayrenc and Ayala (1988).

  • b These strains (rDNA 1/2) cannot be classified as belonging to lineage T. cruzi I or II.