Model parameters used for simulation

[Pfr]10 k d 0.1
[Pr]0 k ia 0.1
[Xi]6 k ai 0.8
[Xa]0 kx 0.2
[prepreS]200 ky 1
[preS]0 k G 0.1
[S]0 α 1 30
[V]50 α 2 50
I fr σ fr ϕ fr 0.1
I r σ r ϕ r 0

The initial values at time zero are given. In each simulation, the toggle switch was preequilibrated for 5 hr before stimulation of the plasmodia. Pulses of far-red light were 0.25 hr and those of red light 0.33 hr in length. Glucose concentration was either 0 or 1.