Mating-type and mitochondrial genotype distributions among natural and clinical populations of C. neoformans

Country of
SerotypeNo. of strainsMating typeaMitochondrial typeb
USAA324Haplotype I
D12Haplotype II
AD-group 114AaHaplotype I
AD-group 22AαDaHaplotype II
AD-group 31Haplotype I
AD-group 41Haplotype II
AD-group 51DaHaplotype II
B3Haplotype III
JapanA52Haplotype I
AD-group 12AaHaplotype I
Not typable-11Haplotype I
Not typable-21Haplotype II
  • a Mating types were determined on the basis of the presence of serotype- and mating-type-specific alleles at the STE20 locus (see materials and methods for details; see also Yan et al. 2002).

  • b Mitochondrial haplotypes were determined on the basis of restriction site polymorphisms at the mitochondrial ND2 locus. Mitochondrial haplotypes I and II are specific to serotypes A and D, respectively (Xu 2002).