Genes whose deletion results in a K1 killer toxin haploinsufficiency phenotype

Gene nameORFDescription of gene productK1 killer toxin
death zone %
Hygromycin BSDS
1. Resistant (death zone <90% of the wild type; 28 + 3 genes)
RSP5YER125WUbiquitin-protein ligase59
GLC7YER133Wser/thr phosphoprotein phosphatase 1, catalytic chain69
PUP2YGR253C20S proteasome subunit(α5)70
CCT4YDL143WComponent of chaperonin-containing T-complex72
ARC35YNR035CSubunit of the Arp2/3 complex73
CCT7YJL111WComponent of chaperonin-containing T-complex78
SMD3YLR147CStrong similarity to small nuclear ribonucleoprotein D380wtwtwt
NSA2YER126CK1 toxin resistance phenotype; nuclear protein81
ARP3YJR065CActin-related protein82
ARC15YIL062CSubunit of the Arp2/3 complex83
SFH1YLR321CSubunit of the RSC complex83wtwtwt
CCT2YIL142WChaperonin of the TCP1 ring complex, cytosolic84
CCT5YJR064WT-complex protein 1, epsilon subunit84
TAD3YLR316CSubunit of tRNA-specific adenosine-34 deaminase85b
BIG1aYHR101CBig cells phenotype85wtwtS
GCD7YLR291CTranslation initiation factor eIF2b, 43-kD subunit85wtwtwt
SSL2YIL143CDNA helicase86
ACC1aYNR016CAcetyl-CoA carboxylase87
CDC25aYLR310CGDP/GTP exchange factor for Ras1p and Ras2p87wtwtwt
GAA1YLR088WRequired for attachment of GPI anchor onto proteins87wtwtwt
TAF3YPL011CComponent of the TBP-associated protein complex87wtwtwt
TIP20YGL145WRequired for ER-to-Golgi transport87
TRS120YDR407CWeak similarity to Myo1p87wtwtwt
CEG1YGL130WmRNA guanylyltransferase (mRNA capping enzyme, α-subunit)88
MEX67YPL169CFactor for nuclear mRNA export88wtwtwt
LSG1YGL099WRequired for normal growth, morphology, mating, sporulation89
ERG27YLR100W3-Keto sterol reductase, required for ergosterol biosynthesis89wtwtwt
CDC3YLR314CCell division control protein89wtwtwt
New KRE genes
    KRE29YER038CTwo-hybrid interaction with Ym1023p and Lys14p76
    KRE33aYNL132WUnknown function, Amp1p-interaction complex (20 members)83
2. Hypersensitive (death zone < 110% of the wild type; 11 genes)
TUB1YML085Cα-1 tubulin135
RPB8YOR224CDNA-directed RNA polymerase I, II, III 16 kD subunit128Swtwt
RPS13YDR064WRibosomal protein122wtwtwt
RPS15YOL040C40S small subunit ribosomal protein121wtwtwt
RPB3YIL021WDNA-directed RNA-polymerase II, 45 kD118wtwtwt
RPS3YNL178WRibosomal protein S3.e118wtwtwt
RPB7YDR404CDNA-directed RNA polymerase II, 19-kD subunit117wtwtwt
AUT2YNL223WEssential for autophagy116SwtS
RPO26YPR187WDNA-directed RNA polymerase I, II, III 18-kD subunit116wtwtwt
TSC10YBR265W3-ketosphinganine reductase115SwtS
PKC1YBL105CRegulates MAP kinase cascade involved in regulating cell wall metabolismwtc
  • These gene deletion mutants are available only as heterozygotes and are usually essential.

  • a Mutants with a β-glucan phenotype (see Table 5).

  • b Under normal conditions this gene is essential, but haploid mutants can grow on sorbitol and are toxin resistant.

  • c Under normal conditions this gene is essential, but haploid mutants can grow on sorbitol and are toxin resistant.