Retrotransposons in the two sequenced centromeric BACs of maize

NameHomologous sequenceaTypeCloneNote
CRM1aRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10
CRM1bRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10
CRM1cRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10
CRM1 solo LTRRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10Solo LTR
CRM2aRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10
CRM2bRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H10Internal region truncated
CRM2cRIRE7 (AB033235) gypsy l6H105′ and internal region truncated
Huck1Huck1b (AF391808) gypsy l6H105′ truncated
RIRE3aRIRE3 (AB014738) gypsy l5C5Polyprotein
RIRE3bRIRE3 (AB014738) gypsy l5C5Polyprotein
Cinful1cinful1 (AF049110) gypsy l5C5LTR
Zeon1aZeon1 (ZMU11059)Non-gypsy/copial5C5
Zeon1bZeon1 (ZMU11059)Non-gypsy/copial5C55′ LTR and gag
Zeon1cZeon1 (ZMU11059)Non-gypsy/copial5C55′ LTR, gag, and 3′ UTR
Zeon1dZeon1 (ZMU11059)Non-gypsy/copial5C55′ LTR, gag, and 3′ UTR
Zeon1eZeon1 (ZMU11059)Non-gypsy/copial5C53′ UTR
Shadowspawn1aShadowspawn1 (AF326577)Non-gypsy/copial5C5A part of noncoding region
Shadowspawn1bShadowspawn1 (AF326577)Non-gypsy/copial5C5gag
Shadowspawn1cShadowspawn1 (AF326577)Non-gypsy/copial5C5gag
Cinful2aCinful2 (AF123535) gypsy l5C5
Cinful2bCinful2 (AF123535) gypsy l5C5
Cinful2cCinful2 (AFl23535) gypsy l5C5
Opie2Opie2 (ZMU68408) copia l5C5pol
  • a GenBank accession numbers are in parentheses.