Novel lethal and semi-lethal insertions of {GAL4Δ} and {tTA} mutator elements

StockLocation of insertionaGeneRelation to P elements
LineMutatorGeneticMolecularReversionNameFunctional partP allele of gene?Distance to next P insertion in GadFly
A. Lethal
29 {GAL4 Δ } II2LAE003628.1118436Yes CG5367 IntronNo27.7 kb, l(2)k06709
43 {GAL4 Δ } III3RAE003764.2225029Yes CG14066 larp ExonNo3.2, kb, l(3)06487
51 {GAL4 Δ } III3LAE003532.2126258Yes CG13462 DownstreamNo13.9 kb, l(3)rO220
52 {GAL4 Δ } III3LAE003515.216226Yes CG8522 HLH106 ExonNo0.9 kb, P{SUPor-P} KG03723
80 {GAL4 Δ } II2LAE003669.2232068Yes CG8676 Hr39 IntronYes5.4 kb, P{EP}Hr39[EP2490]
127 {GAL4 Δ } II2RAE003795.23979Yes CG9277 betaTub56D IntronYes0.05 kb, P{EP}betaTub56D[EP2640]
128 {GAL4 Δ } IIIUAE003072.26877Yesnot annotatedbESTNoND
139 {GAL4 Δ } II2RAE003462.1161661Yes CG3735 ExonNo0.5 kb, P{EP}EP2311
150 {GAL4 Δ } III3RAE003779.1136330Yes CG1856 ttk IntronYes0.9 kb, P{EP}ttk[EP621]
151 {GAL4 Δ } II2LAE003623.1248959NoIntergenic5.3 kb, P{GT1} BG02711
155 {GAL4 Δ } II2LAE003647.1129102No CG18482 IntronNo31.9 kb, P{GT1}BG00946
166 {GAL4 Δ } II2RAE003826.225487No CG7734 shn IntronYes1.3 kb, P{EP}shn[EP2139]
189 {tTA} II2RDMU04853.311602NoIntergenic11.3 kb, P{EP}EP2427
233 {tTA} III3RAE003770.1165475 c CG7581 Bub3 5′ UTRNo6.7 kb, P{SUPor-P} KG01353
B. Semilethal
185 {tTA} II2RAE003799.260718ND CG5170 Dp1 IntronYes0.4 kb, P{EP}Dp1[EP2249]
199 {tTA} II2LAE003611.2193888NDIntergenic17.2 kb, P{EP}Beach1[EP2299]
214 {tTA} II2RAE003785.23663NDIntergenic1.7 kb, P{EP}BcDNA[EP2646]
236 {tTA} III3RAE003749.246443ND CG6875 asp ExonYes11.3 kb, P{GT1}BG02218

ND, not determined. EST, expressed sequence tag.

  • a Sequence numbers and nucleotide positions refer to the Release 2 sequence of the Drosophila genome (

  • b Clot of 21 ESTs annotated; no P elements in genomic scaffold (length 12,500 bp) of this “U-region”.

  • c Excisions not obtained (600 flies screened for absence of EYFP).