Relative maximum-likelihood (ML) estimates of 1/(2Ne) and m for a two-deme population under the infinite-source model

Relative estimates of 1/(2Ne)Relative estimates of m
Ne = 10
Ne = 100
  • The simulated metapopulation contains two populations (A and B as the source and focal populations, respectively) of equal Ne migrating with equal rate m. Twenty biallelic loci are used in the estimation. Two samples, each containing 50 (for Ne,A = Ne,B = 10) or 100 (for Ne,A = Ne,B = 100) individuals, separated by two generations are taken from each population, and the two samples from population A are combined as a single sample. In each case, 1000 replicates are run and the estimation is summarized by the mean, standard deviation, and 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles of the estimates of 1/(2Ne) and m relative to their true values.