Genetic structuring between chromosomal arrangements

No. of In(2L)t chromosomes910101069999
No. of standard chromosomes1111114411111111
No. of informative sitesa23292546604641957
No. of shared polymorphismsb722233023320623
No. of genetic exchange eventsc111014002
In(2L)t to standard ratio for π at silent sites0.6180.9850.8510.9510.5650.8690.2891.2180.760
F ST 0.190–0.018–0.034–0.0110.1520.0760.0950.1750.314
P value0.0020.6620.7680.4660.0820.1070.0830.0060.002
  • a Including length polymorphisms.

  • b No fixed differences were found between In(2L)t and standard lines at any locus.

  • c Computed after Betrán et al. (1997).