Neutrality test based on derived mutations

Sample size (n)202424141020202020
No. of oriented mutations (M)a27353743525772140
θπ (per gene)6.628.628.6614.1620.2216.971.136.1813.84
θH (per gene)12.2315.8214.1214.621.1123.553.5111.2921.53
P(HHobs|M, n)b0.0880.082d0.1210.3050.2970.1530.0620.0710.091e
P(HHobs|M, n)c0.0570.047d0.1040.3790.3690.1230.0510.0470.057e

After Fay and Wu (2000).

  • a Mutations with a known ancestral state (D. simulans was used as an outgroup).

  • b Assuming no recombination, computed from 50,000 simulations.

  • c Assuming recombination parameter 4Ner = 0.008/pb, computed from 20,000 simulations.

  • d This test was significant for the standard subsample.

  • e This test was significant for the In(2L)t subsample.