H- and K-haplotype tests

Sample size (n)202424141020202020
No. of mutations (S)314139566761112344
No. of haplotypes (Kobs)1522211110149137
Sample haplotype diversity (Hobs)0.920.950.950.900.900.910.670.910.76
P(KKobs|S, n)a0.983110.67010.6240.9340.9610.012c,d
P(HHobs|S, n)a0.96110.9990.54610.506c0.1680.9800.017c,d
P(KKobs|S, n)b0.928110.46110.420c0.6520.8130.001c,d
P(HHobs|S, n)b0.85610.9990.33610.314c0.0490.8950.003c,d

After Depaulis and Veuille (1998), run after (Depaulis et al. 2001).

  • a Assuming no recombination, computed from 50,000 simulations.

  • b Assuming recombination parameter 4Ner = 0.008/pb, computed from 20,000 simulations.

  • c This test was significant for the In(2L)t subsample.

  • d This test was significant for the standard subsample.